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A New Perspective ~ Donald Weber

Friday, March 1st 2019 - Wednesday, April 3rd 2019

Donald “Donny” Weber is an oil painter from Louisville, KY. His art education began during his classes for his architecture studies at the University of Kentucky. He now balances being a fine artist and licensed architect. Weber says he’s always had an interest in art, “I have always been fascinated with art and started drawing as a kid. I drew the stuff I was interested in... Fire engines, sailing ships, and even battle scenes from movies I had seen.”


He says his mother bought him his first set of oil pastels when he was 12 years old. He loved the variety that different art mediums could offer him. He began painting and drawing, and after his mother noticed his talent she encouraged him to create more. One of his favorite parts about painting is that it’s so immersive for him. “It's the only thing I have ever done that allows me to totally lose track of time and surroundings...or floating as I call it” says Weber.


Donny and his wife split their time between Louisville and Santa Fe where they have both a home and a studio so that he always has access to his paints. It’s easy to tell that he draws inspiration from the beautiful landscapes and colors from both home states. He says he doesn’t have a favorite subject to paint, but that he loves capturing an expressive moment or focusing on light and color. His subjects have quite a variety, ranging from people to beautiful New Mexican architecture to detailed nature or rural farmhouses. Though he says “My terrible attention span keeps me hopping around!” he certainly creates enchanting colors and light in each of his paintings.


For his new show, Donny drew inspiration for painting from this 'new perspective' from an artist friend in Louisville who had done some aerial paintings of their local area. He decided that the landscape of the Lowcountry would be very compositional from the aerial point of view with its coastline and intricate waterways. Referring to aerial photographs, he then manipulated the layout - adding or deleting elements - to work harmoniously with the overall composition. Finally, he introduced a dramatic color scheme, working with the magnificent sunrises and sunsets which are characteristic of the Lowcountry. 


Weber notes that he loves how painting makes people feel good. In fact, he loves that aspect so much that he and his brother helped open the Weber Gallery in Louisville. The Weber Gallery is a showcase for side-by-side art program run by the Council for Developmental Disabilities in Louisville. The Council runs a number of education and advocacy programs for individuals with various forms of disabilities. The side by side  art program features artwork by both professional artist from all across the country and  local persons with disabilities. Weber has a son with Down’s syndrome which is why he holds the organization so close to his heart. Both he and his son have participated in art exhibits at the gallery.